I’m sitting on the back porch this morning. The birds are singing their joy songs.  We have lots of lovely windows back here…the cat is lying on the window ledge by the crabapple tree….she is kitty cat content.  The fir trees are waving their heavy branches in the wind…they are getting ready to throw their yellow pollen.  The day is cloudy and then it’s sunny…the air smells good, it’s clean and fragrant with the fir trees.  I am thinking it will yes, probably rain again....

The ferns on the other side of the porch wall have grown so high already…green and lush.  I am sitting in the midst of my painting stuff.    The porch is my summer time studio…there is a painting I can’t wait to get my hands on after I am done writing.

All is well in my world this morning. I feel alive.  My inner light is on, and I am glowing today.

What about you?  Are you glowing or just going? What lights you up and makes you feel simply and wonderfully alive?  Do you know?  If you do, are you letting yourself be engaged in our your own aliveness, or are you very busy doing other Important Stuff?  Letting life and other people decide how you will spend your time and how you will invest yourself? 

I think most of us don't really  know what lights us up.  Sad.  Maybe the idea of aliveness has never entered our minds…a foreign invasion of sorts.

Had you asked me a year ago what makes me feel alive, I could not have told you.  Yes, sad.  It bothered me that I did not know, so I decided to find out.  I sat with the thought, and I asked questions. I looked inside myself (the answers are all right there, inside us, you know).  I chatted with God about it.  He is big and He made me, so He I asked Him to help me figure it out.  I know now.  It wasn’t a hard thing to discover either-simple.  I needed to slow down and listen-let myself feel my own heart beating…

I am my most vibrantly alive when I with the growing things, the things of the earth-caring for and basking in my gardens-walking the hills around our little house-sitting by the water and letting it’s rhythm and cadence tend my heart and wash my soul.

Painting.  Moving and mixing colors-telling stories about people and places with my work.  My work is not really work at all…

Hanging out with my man.  He’s just alright, after 34 years.  I like him and he likes me.  We have it good together-can you say gratitude?

Playing with words-making mind images with simple little words.  It’s fun and I feel so satisfied when I’m done.  Part of my heart has spoken.  Blessed.

Music.  Sweet sounds.

Family together time.  Such a precious thing.  She lives all the way to the east and he lives all the way to the west. Who would have thought?  It is so good just to be all together.....it’s fleeting and hard to manage-perhaps more precious because it is.

A certain little grandson. He sure does float my boat.  It’s fun to play and enjoy his littleness, while it lasts and before he gets big and too busy to hang out with Nana.  I think I’d like to kidnap him for a least a couple weeks….we could dig in the dirt and make gardens and build forts and go on hikes and investigate the woods….he could learn to climb trees here-we have some good climbing trees.  Not certain his momma would like the climbing business.  Maybe what she doesn't know won't hurt her.....He needs to be just a little bit older….I can't wait!

What lights you up?  Think about it, better yet, do something special that makes you feel totally and wonderfully alive today.  It’s healing, soul satisfying medicine.



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