There's nothing like stellar spring weather and an afternoon on the shores of Lake Michigan, to inspire creativity.  Scott and I (and my trusty camera) spent the day in Milwaukee yesterday, enjoying the big pier and the long miles of parks along the lakefront. 

There are several things that made this is a special afternoon...Scott and I did our courting along the Milwaukee lakefront.  We were both going to school in downtown Milwaukee, and so we spent hours (yes, we should have been studying) down by the water and especially on the pier....he wooed me with frozen yoghurt and subs from the Cousins on Brady Street.  If Starbucks had been around, well then....we did stop at Alterra (coffee shop)-it's housed in what used to be an old public works water pumping station.  Fun place! 

I love being on the water, it heals and soothes my soul in a way I cannot being to explain....the water is a mysterious place of home coming and rebirth.  I can home well rested and deeply peaceful.  Sheer gift.

There is nothing like time spent alone with my favorite man either...these sorts of days are not easy to find, and when they come, we savor them.....

So, welcome to Monday!  I am excited for this new week-it's going to be mostly photographs here on the blog.  Not only did I get some stellar lakefront shots, but there are things blossoming and blooming in the gardens....the Dr. Merrill magnolia is getting ready to burst with blooms, and I have been photographing the progress each day-we may have full bloom lift off by this afternoon-all it takes is a couple warm days....looking forward to sharing the bounty and the beauty with you....

Here's the Milwaukee skyline, photographed from the pier.



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