The advent of spring is a majestic miracle.  An absolutely stunning display of power and beauty.  The work of the Creative One - infinitely creating and recreating. It rather takes my human breath away, year after year after year.

What  I find most incredible is the way the landscape changes, almost daily.  The winter landscape is rather stark and barren. An organic black and white image...As spring comes and all that lives in the woods, prairies and the garden comes to life again, the landscape shifts, and becomes a vibrant color photograph-displaying the many shades of green.  It's almost like a landscape painter carefully layering and building a painting.  It evolves and becomes such a work of sublime art.

There is nothing like hiking and walking in the spring - in witnessing the miracle, I find myself almost recreated-restored and gently renewed.

I've been photographing the changing landscape around us.  Some of the images were made in the hills and fields around our house in LaGrange, and some were made where I grew up in south central WI.  I was visiting my sister Sue and we took a joy walk with our cameras that evening....

By the way, the Jack in the Pulpits have just begun to show themselves-heavy happy sigh.
These first three images were taken around Clinton WI.  It's a pretty flat place on the earth-lots of rolling farmland.  One of my favorite spring time activities growing up was to hike the muddy spring fields for miles. The smell of the spring earth was intoxicating!
The red maple in our front yard.  It's not fully red just yet. This tree is stunning in both spring and fall.
The rest of the images are from the woods and fields behind our house.  I do most of my hiking and shooting in the evening, so this is all evening light.  Captured light is an almost mystical thing...


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