Yesterday was a fine, fine day at our house....it was relaxing and loving and full of life's simplest and most satisfying pleasures.

We stayed home all day.  We had our breakfast together on the patio-the sun was shining, it was warm and oh so very nice....then we sat.  Just sat. Did nothing. Talked a little bit-not much.  Let the sun and the cool breeze and the sweet pleasure of No Where To Go Or Be, wash over us.  Something to be carefully savored....there's not a whole lot of no-place-to-go in the morning around here.

I worked on an old rocking chair I am fixing up....Scott fell asleep in the recliner for while-at 10:30 in the am. Unheard of.  Pleasurable sigh.....then he did those goofy Suduko puzzles he loves so much.

I did some laundry. I took my time, and then I hung it all on the clothesline to dry...all of it except the socks.  Very Tedious to dry them on the line.  Scott's undershorts were flapping in the breeze. I had asked him if he minded stiff shorts..."heavens no" he said. The possibility of saving $ on the electric bill is worth shorts that are a wee bit stiff...

For me, hanging my clothes on the line to dry is the ultimate of simple pleasures.  Yes, it's a little bit more work, but hey, I don't mind!  I am not certain just what it is that so compels me about line dried clothes - perhaps the clean, fresh smell....I had all our bedding on the line yesterday too - crawling into those clean, sun dried sheets last night seemed like a whole lot of sweet, simple bliss.  The attraction might have something to do with connecting with a time when life was simpler, but yes much harder. When drying your clothes outside was just what people did, even in the winter time - I wonder how freeze dried undershorts would be???  I am bad....My grandma dried her sheets on the line, and I do remember how much I loved diving into bed with those nice clean sheets.  She ironed hers....no way.  Gotta draw the line there. Grandma got up extra early in the summer to iron, before the day got too hot....yuck.  Clean, fresh and wrinkly are just fine with me.

Life is mostly complicated and endlessly complex these days....argh.  That's what simple pleasures are for.  Something sweet to be savored, and something good to ground us to the earth and to the beating of our own hearts.  To keep us from being caught completely in the fast paced tide of technology and the whirlwind pace of life.

What is your favorite simple pleasure?  Give yourself a lovely gift-take a few minutes and savor what's simple and you love best!



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