I will give myself permission today. 

I will put aside what other people think I ought to be,

What I think I should be,

I will just be me.

I give myself permission to follow my heart,

Own it – let it be sacred.

I will dream - dare -  and live big.

Let my life light up the night sky….

I give myself permission to be a quirky work in progress.

I don’t have all the answers-

Sometimes I don’t have any answers.

I give myself permission to be peaceful with what I don’t know.

I give myself permission today

To try, even fail.

Get up again

Begin again

And learn.

Become the fullness of me.

I give myself permission to laugh and cry

To simply feel what’s in me-around me.

To let myself walk in the woods

While the warm spring sun kisses my still winter parched skin.

I give myself permission to shine today-

Grateful for my gifts.

Without apology.


I give me permission to not be afraid

That I am too much.

If I don’t give myself permission,

Who will?

I give this woman permission to be human,

Fallible and sometimes frail.

I give her permission to be strong.  Compassionate.  Courageous.

I am creative, abundant and full.

I give myself permission to love myself today.

To offer kindness and gentle grace

To me.

I give myself permission to have

Just what I need today.

What do you need to give yourself permission for today?  What is essential to do for just you? Stop and let it come, you know what it is. It's been sitting inside you for a while now.... Down time.  Just you time.  Fresh air. Good conversation.  Creativity just because it feels good.  Snuggling.   A good book.  A long run.   What do you need today to nurture yourself??  Give yourself permission, and go do it.  No one will say yes for you, you must say this yes for yourself.

Be blessed.  Shine brightly. Don’t take later for an answer. 



10/08/2013 3:05pm

I just created a weebly account after finding your blog, thanks.


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