A life to love…what would that feel like?  Has it found you yet, or do you find life elusive, slipping always out of your grasp?

Have you ever thought about what an incredible life might feel like, actually be like?  A life that I would love?  Come on Jan, grow up and get real.  Life is life. It’s hard and you do the best you can.  I’ve made mistakes that can’t be undone…celebrate the small things and don’t expect too much. Expecting is painful.  I am tired of being let down.

Status quo…it’s a disease.  There are some people I know who I think might actually die from it. It can be terminal.  When I am around these sorts of people, I want to go some place and wash afterwards.  Not because they are bad, or I don’t care about them. I just don’t want to get what they have.  I had it once. We are not going there ever again.  Recovery is painful (but worth it).

We see what is, and we call it real.  We see what is possible and we call it an illusion.  Weird.  What if what we see is the illusion, and what is possible is what is real? Think about that for a minute….Anything is possible.

I had lived most of my life stuck, and would dream from time to time about what I would love, and then sorrowfully put it away, because I looked at what was around me, and could not see a path to my possibility.  Depression.

My husband and I are in a season of getting unstuck. This is the year for it you know. He has been stuck too.  His incredible life got dumped underneath a pile of someone else’s garbage.  Sound familiar?

We are two pilgrims on a journey.  Our eyes are set ahead of us, and above us-there is no looking at the crap all around us….neither one of us has possessed the skills necessary, we are learning as we go. It is scary and exciting all at the same time.

Scott and I are asking ourselves what a life we would love might look like….the sky is the limit.  Dreams are boundless.  They are put into our hearts by Someone high above us and within us, so they matter.  If we believe they matter, then we can believe that not only are they possible, but they truly are our reality.  The fullness of our potential.  It’s our job to reach for them.  To watch for the road signs, the clues, that will lead us to that life we will truly love.

Today’s task is to stop for a little while, and think about the kind of life you would love.  You might want to journal about it, or take a walk and have a chat with Someone.  I process verbally-chatting is very helpful.

Feel overwhelmed?  That's OK. It's part of the trip.  Let go. Trust in miracles.  They are waiting for you.

Enjoy dreaming. Be filled.  What you can’t see is real.  It can be yours.

Warm blessings.



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