Loving yourself is an epic miracle.

Don’t ever forget it…..

Has it been nice to get to know your wee girl again?  I sure hope so.  Been thinking about what you love about her?  How did the journaling thing go?  I hope you were well and truly blessed….

So, you have been remembering...finding out all over again about the little girl inside you. Today, let’s see if we can remember what she likes to do….

My wee Jany, of course liked to make things, play in the dirt, and read books.  She liked to play made up games with the other kids – here are the most memorable….these things, they came totally out of the imaginations of my brother, sister and myself, and filled up the hours of our days…”Tommy and Tom”, “Big Sally and Little Sally”, “Julie and Brian”  (in honor of our cousins that lived on the other side of the country).  My younger brother and sister were usually the principle players...and I often played the role of fill in or extra...I was too busy making things.

My girl liked to walk in the woods and look for wild flowers-Jack in the Pulpits and Dutchman’s Breeches are still my favorites and I have huge clumps of both growing in the gardens here on Briarhill.  My dad loved to tromp in the woods himself – he was my teacher.  I loved tromping with him.

Anyway,  think about what your little girl loved to do.  You might want to use your journal and write a few things down-I feel like I remember better if I make an effort to write the important stuff down….

Then ask yourself the next question…what would your little girl like to do now?  If you and she could go and do something right now, what would it be?  Mine would be painting.  Just for the sake of putting beautiful paint colors on the watercolor paper and letting whatever happen…my Jany just loves this.

What about you?  How about a tea party, a good book, coloring, a bit of make believe….playing school?  Discover what it is, and then schedule a time and go do it!  Write about it…and savor the time and create a lovely memory.  You are well on your way to learning to love yourself, because you are remembering the special person you once were, (before all that life stuff set in), and most certainly still are.

Jany and I will be painting this week on Wed. afternoon.  I will post a photograph of our water color explorations…..

Be blessed today, enjoy the ride…..love yourself.



10/02/2013 11:22am

Thanks to your blog, I'm gonna create one now too, thank you.


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