Yesterday was Father's Day.  Scott and I packed a picnic and went to the big lake.  We planted ourselves in a shady spot on the shore, where we could watch the boats and the gulls...and Scott could take a long Father's Day nap.  I don't know if he slept much...there were ants and spiders...and to think I was worried about mosquitoes...those pesky horseflies were really pesky too.  What is is about exposed human flesh and bugs????

As you might imagine, the lakefront was full of people-lots of families grilling out and swimming. Boy, was it a hot day! We were content to sit in the shade, quite a bit north of all the beach - front craziness, and wait until the heat of the day waned to walk down to the big pier.  I think I may of mentioned it here before, but Scott and I did our courting in Milwaukee and spent hours walking on the beach and sitting out on the pier.  We still love it there.

I should know the name of the three masted ship in today's batch of photographs...I think it is the "Dennis Sullivan", but don't quote me...the ship looked so proud and regal out on the water..nautical elegance or some such thing.  I know it is a reproduction of an earlier ship that sailed the Great Lakes...that's about all I know.

I confess I have always loved seagulls.  Jonathan Livingston Seagull was my hero as a teenager...I love the watch them and of course, photograph them.  Scott thinks I am nuts, but since I have been shooting digital, I no longer get the snide comments about wasting perfectly good film on silly birds.....

Even though yesterday was a hot one, and the bugs were a pain, I still got some great shots of the boats, gulls shoreline and harbor. I'll be sharing some of them this week here on the ol' blog.  Hope you enjoy looking at them, as much as I did capturing what I saw with my camera!


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