My Dr. Merrill (name of particular variety) magnolia is in full bloom.  The wind is pretty powerful today, so I am not certain how long the show will last.....I have had years where I wait with happy anticipation for my tree to bloom, and it's over in a day.  Heavy sigh. Hope not this year....

We've had our beautiful magnolia tree for at least 12 years now-she's getting big!  She's was designed into and planted as part of our patio in the back of the house.  A place for being quiet and enjoying the beauty of the woods and prairies behind us.  My grandma had a magnolia growing in her side yard in Clinton.  Even as a child I found it's nice to look at my own pretty tree and remember grandma.  I've been told I get my love for plants and living things from her.  Grateful.

One of the most stellar things about the magnolia, apart from the clean beauty of the white blooms, is the fragrance. I took the dogs out early this morning to do their chores-the sweet-spice scent of the blooms cast a magic spell over the back yard-I was tempted to stick my nose right into a lovely bloom and inhale deeply...but wisdom prevailed.  Scott's honeybees love the pollen in the flowers-didn't want to inhale a bee...when the sun is out there are hundreds of bees busily at work in our tree.

Here is Dr. Merrill in the process of blooming-I have been watching the progress and making photographs for a couple weeks blessed!


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