Did you know your body is a Holy Temple? 

A sacred space….

It is your earthly dwelling, precious one.

The strong holding place for shining glory…

Your body is the clay vessel where you live, while you walk on this big earth.


Your body was created to be a holy treasure,

A Divine part of you that’s honored with great care…

But we abuse our bodies.  In small and not so small ways.

Yes, you are guilty. So am I.

We are disconnected.

If I stopped to listen to what my body had to say, I might hear it screaming -  “stop fool… pay attention!!  Why is it so hard for you to hear me?  Do you love me at all?  I could use some care and kindness…”

Our bodies are utterly magnificent creations.  Wise.  Forgiving.  Able to heal. 

Once again, we are disconnected.  We live in a disconnected culture.  You and I, we have learned to take pills and cover up what’s wrong inside us. To not really listen to what our bodies are trying so hard to tell us. We call this good and we say we are healthy when we do it.  Think again.

Hello, my name is Jan, and I am an ex sugar JUNKIE.  An ex carb junkie.  There was a time in my life, when if I could have lived on cookies and peanut butter, I’d have been really very happy. I am the sort of girl who eats to live….food is an annoying afterthought. A pain in the arse.  Life is uncertain, so I always ate dessert first.  I could feel the wrongness of what I was doing to my body- I could feel my insides shifting. I did it anyway. What in the world?  Sound familiar?

I have pushed myself to go without sleep, and I have taken more on my back than should ever be necessary. Stress.  I could feel my poor self pounding with it-but I did it anyway, because I just had to do all that really good stuff; I guess it made me a better person or something.  Not so.  We are not machines. We are human precious beings. 

Did you know that self care is the secret to performing at your highest potential? More on that later…

I have taken pills, for years, to make pain and allergies disappear.  It worked for a while, then the root of the pain and allergy problems caught up with me….not pretty at all.

The good news is that I have not had one bite of sugar in 2.5 years. Yes, you heard me right!  I don’t miss it at all anymore, and the idea of putting the stuff in my mouth kind of makes me sick….and yes,  it took more than a year to not crave it all the time….I don’t eat refined carbs these days, and I have said no to stress…it is the enemy….I don’t sleep as well as I would like to, but that may have something to do with the man in the bed next to me who sleeps very well, and snores like a grampus…we are always trying to figure that one out.  I like snuggling up next to him, until the deep buzzing kicks in…

The even better news is that I don’t have allergy stuff to deal with these days.  It's done. Jan does not gobble antihistamines in the spring like she used to….I can walk the woods and fields here at home without my eyes running, my nose itching and my body racked with itchy cough after itchy cough. I can BREATHE! Such a gift.

Needless to say, I have learned a few things along the way.  Mostly, the hard way.  I’ll share some of them in my next posts.  I am no expert, just a wee woman on a journey.  I am happy to share my travels, if where I have been will help you find your own way to glowing, alive vitality and true health and well being....



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