I have a simple question to put out there today. 

What’s right with you?

Not what’s wrong.  It’s a stupid question and we ask it way too many times.

It’s self defeating. Soul killing.  Joy sucking. Deceptive.

Ever feel like you could spend a lifetime working on yourself, trying to fix what you think is wrong or broken?  I suppose we could. Who wants to?  Not me.

“What’s wrong with me?” starts things off from a position of defeat. It is a very negative question.   We forget that in simply being human, we are not perfect. It’s ok to be flawed….

I’m too impatient.  I cuss too much.  I can’t do math-at all.  I’m too fat, I’m too thin.  I’m too opinionated, or I’m not enough of something,  of this or that….we squash ourselves like bugs before we even get started.

I think if we could look at what’s right with us, and be joyful in all that it is, the stuff that might need some work would be less, and it would sort itself out more easily.  Perhaps because we had begun from an affirming place of loving ourselves – with the simple question, “what’s right with me?”

So here’s the task for today. Make a list.  The heading should read “What’s Right With Me?”  Use a big piece of paper and lots of colors – markers, pencils, paint – whatever floats your boat.  When you find yourself finished, put it up somewhere, you know, so you can see it and be reminded what a special lady you truly are-so you can remember that you have all the right stuff- that yes you, can shine and make the world a better, brighter place.

Don’t be shy. For sure don’t apologize, don’t make yourself less.  Brag on you….pour it all out there.  Go on, give it a try.  Give yourself some wings, and then go fly….



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