Nice word, eh?  Decrapifying.  I made it up.  It’s what you do when you get rid of your no longer needed crap and clutter.  If you haven’t laid your hands on it, or thought about it in the past 12-24 months, then it needs to be decrapified.  Sentimental things, like your kid’s elementary school artwork, family photos, etc., are always exempt.

I am writing today from the rather cold, damp confines of our garage.  Today is rummage sale day.  The result of decrapifying. We can't have the rummage sale in the garage, because there is a big leak in the roof, and not enough space.  The roof is this summer's project, and the lake of space is about my husband's two riding lawnmowers and our son's giant sculptures-subject perhaps of another post,

Late in the winter, Scott and I decided to do a deep clean out of the basement, attics and 2 garages, not to mention the workshop…this  has taken my time for weeks….his, not so much. He did however, rise up out of his bed at 6 am this morning to help me get set up.  Sacrifice.  He is almost comatose in the morning-every morning.  He is a saver-a “ya never know when you might need it sort of guy”. Me, not s much-being willing to get rid of things is a big deal for him. Much appreciated.  He’s only winced a couple times….

It’s raining today…I did just sell my first piece of junk though-we are looking at a $3 profit on the day…why in the world am I doing this???

It’s about getting rid of clutter. I love how it feels to walk into all parts of my house and outbuildings and have them feel open and spacious-room to walk, room to work and everything in order.  This has inner significance as well. My inner places feel workable and in order.

I think you might agree with me, that the lives of most Americans are pretty cluttered-lots going on with little time for what’s most important.  For me decrapifying, is symbolic of something rather spiritual, it’s about ordering my inner world. Prioritizing.  Removing the clutter-the junk, the distractions that get in the way of me truly living the life I am intended for.

I go through seasons of healing and restoration-inner house cleaning if you will.  As the years have progressed, I’ve noticed that these seasons usually accompany a time of external decrapifying. Something that I haven’t noticed for a while gets CLEANED OUT. In this particular season,  I’ve gone through every deep corner of our house and storage areas, and in the midst of it, there is healing and cleaning of deep inner places in me as well.  I can feel the lightness and brightness settling in; not unlike clean yellow-white sunshine and blue springs skies…

We all need to decrapify.  Externally and internally.  Life, by it’s very nature tends to give way to the build up of all sorts of different kinds of junk-material, physical, spiritual and emotional. 

All this can be overwhelming….been there done that.  Slow down, be deliberate.  Take your clutter-this goes for the inside stuff as well, and work through it one project at a time.  I sure don’t have time to spent the bulk of my day cleaning out the garage.  But I can find an hour in the afternoon to work on it.  Diligent bit by bit, it does get done.  There might be some self discovery along the way…

Inner crap can’t be cleaned up all at once either. It is a process mostly of the heart.  A loving thing we do for ourselves, even though the effort might be painful and feel initially costly.  Worth it.  You are worth it.

So here I am, sitting in the garage. Damn it’s cold!  Here’s to decrapifying, and to the people who are going to come and buy our stuff today!



05/10/2013 10:36am

lol - love it, Jan! Decrapify sounds good to me. We'll be doing just that with Sarah on June 13, 14, 15. Great word that sums it all up. Then what you don't sell give what's usable to a battered woman's shelter to help them start new lives.


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