Self love begins sometimes with remembering. 

Have you been thinking about your wee girl?  Connecting with her, remembering who she was and why you loved/love her?  I hope so.

Today, I simply want to talk about what you love about your special girl.  Take a few minutes, grab your journal and a pen, and sit in a favorite spot and breathe. In and out- good belly breaths from your diaphragm….inhale and your belly goes out, and exhale and your belly goes in. Sit up nice and straight.  That’s right.  Good job.  Be sure to breathe through your nose and keep your mouth closed. 

Do this for a couple minutes. Feeling more relaxed?  Good.  Now let yourself connect with the little girl inside you….simply ask, “What do I love about you…”  be patient and gentle with yourself, even if this is a long forgotten part of you, the wisdom will come up and you’ll remember.

There are lots of things I love about my Jany girl.  I’ll share the best one with you today.  I love that she was a maker, that she loved to work with her hands, and that she knew most anything could be made into something else.

The photograph at the top of the post is of Jany (me) sitting at my little white table and chairs.  My table was in the kitchen with the big table.  I used to spend hours there every day making things and having tea with my dolls.  My mom has said I was happy all day at my table, and that the mess at the end of the day was glorious.  I was perhaps all of 3 or 4 in the pic.  You can see the coloring books and the pail of crayons, glue and scissors.  My doll has her own chair, of course, and I am pouring out the tea…..

Funny thing is, I can still sit all day at my worktable and turn nothing much into something beautiful.  I still love a good tea party too….

What about you?  What do you love about your little girl?  Write it down, take some time to savor the memory.  Do you still love to do the same things, or have you lost this part of yourself?  Let today be the day you find what your special little girl loves, and then give her a chance to shine.  If she loved to write stories, then perhaps some story writing time is in order.  If she loved to run like the wind, then perhaps you need to let her do just that.  Blow the dust off your running shoes and hit the road….I think you get my drift here.

So do it.  Let your girl shine.  The world will be a brighter, better place because you do.

I created Hill Faerie to be a place of community for women.  A place to connect, and be encouraged and supported. That can happen by adding to the discussion in the comments, or sending me an email:  briarhillstudio@gmail.com.  I would LOVE to hear from you!

Loving yourself is an epic miracle.



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