The human body is meant to be a moving thing. 
We have not been designed to sit on the sofa all day. 
As my neighbor says, (she is in her 60’s and still a committed runner), “If you don’t use it, you loose it”.  Sage Wisdom.

I don’t want to talk about this in terms of physical fitness, weight loss, or any of the stuff that is commonly associated with exercise. I want to talk about it terms of loving ourselves, and finding a way to honor and care for our bodies, in a manner that makes us happy and brings fulfillment to our lives.

I don’t know about you, but I am not an athletic sort of girl.  Anything that has to do with being on a team, or having a ball flying through the air, for any reason, just does not resonate with me. At all. 

However, I do enjoy being active. Doing physical labor, and yes, even working out.  It depends what it is….

I am a happier person when I am active. I sleep better at night, and I am easier to be with-so says my husband….I think it has something to do with those little endorphin guys.

The key is in figuring out what works for you.  What activity you actually enjoy?  For several years, I did a fair amount of running. I loved it, for the simple pleasure of putting my feet on the pavement one small foot ahead of the other…sometimes I felt like I was flying…(although to those watching, it probably looked more like put-putting.)  No worries.  Running was just the thing for me. I did not have to do it every day, and I was probably at my best, if I hit the road about twice a week.  My knees were happy with this arrangement.

Scott, my husband, was running as well at the time.  We would sometimes hit the road together.  Now, his focus was a little different than mine….intervals, breathing, who was faster…that’s a no-brainer.  He’s a guy and has longer legs than me, and besides, who the hell cares who is faster??  I told him he had to knock it off, or he would not be able to run with me anymore….

I’m not able to run right now-got to get through the rest of this heavy metal detox.  I’m doing my best to be kind and go gentle with my body these days.  Suffice it to say, I do love to walk.  There are days when I could walk for miles and miles….I am not power walking-trying to do this would greatly diminish my joy….I just want to walk and enjoy the view along the way. My body is moving and happy.

The other thing I’m doing right now is Qi Qong.  It’s an ancient practice of breath, gentle movement and stretch. I do my practice before I go to bed at night. It helps clear the toxins out of my body, keeps my muscles and joints supple and my posture straight.  It clears my mind, and makes for a good night’s sleep. 

There are other ways to stay active-you know, just plain move.  Make extra trips up and down the stairs.  Be purposeful in how you work around the house and yard.  Don’t take the path of least physical resistance, but work in such a way that you take more steps, and use your body more.  Practice wisdom. Don’t so something that will result in damage. Listen to your body-she will tell you when enough it enough…

The bottom line…..figure out what kind of physical activity works for you.  Just do it.  Cultivate the practice and make it a good habit.  The dividends might surprise you!



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