Rest.  Today is Friday. The weekend is almost here….

Are you going to clean the bathrooms and mow the lawn all weekend?   I hope not.  There has to be some time for rest in there somewhere…

Resting is about more than just sleeping enough.  While it is very, very important to get whatever is the right amount of sleep for you, resting is different.

Resting is about taking time off, about not doing, and about being quiet.  It’s about shutting down and shutting off for a while.  It’s about doing what it is you need to do to recharge and renew yourself.  Even if it’s hard to get there…..

The Good Book says that on the 7th day God rested.  I don’t think this is so much a religious thing to do, but a deeply spiritual principle to practice.  The Great I Am had been really busy creating-I have to think His work must have been deeply satisfying… Then He rested.  Peace.

The whole rest thing is challenge, for me anyway. I am a doer, and when I am awake, there is so much I want to do and explore, more than there are hours in a day.  Who wants to waste time sitting still and doing nothing???

Wrong approach. The question seems to need to be, “what is it that would most help me recharge and renew?  Everyone once in a while, I find myself in great need of sitting still and doing nothing, even for a whole day …..but more often, it’s about engaging in something soul satisfying.  Like a slow, quiet walk in the woods.  Escape reading into some good fiction.  Sitting by the edge of the water and watching ….sometimes with camera in hand.  These are my favorite ways to check out of what’s going on, and check into myself. 

You have to love yourself.  Find yourself valuable enough to take the time to understand what you need, and commit to making it happen.

It seems to be about being still inside.  Perhaps silent?   For a time, the world can wash away, and we can come home to ourselves.  Be born once again…

I plan on sitting by the water for a while this weekend.  There is a long, slow walk in the woods calling out my name…what about you?



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