Forgiveness is a big deal.  It’s been decided.

Forgiveness is letting go.  Giving the wounds wings to just fly away….

OK, so angry bitterness has just flown away.  You might be feeling like there is an open space inside you somewhere.  Freedom. You know, that spot where the nasty stuff used to sit?  You might even feel this in your body.  Perhaps the painful knot between your shoulders is missing???

Open spaces.  Room for goodness to come in.  For wisdom to find you.  For blessing to flow…..

It’s all about energy.  We are 100%, all parts energy at our very core.  What looks like flesh and blood you, is essentially energy moving and swirling at unimagined - by - a - human - being - levels. Giving you and I the illusion of form and substance.  Pretty cool, eh?

Here’s a scientific tidbit coming from not so scientific me – like energy attracts like energy.  We cultivate what’s inside us...  Yikes and holy crap!  This explains a whole lot of things…

Personal sharing here:  I went through a season in my life (a very long season), where I  felt stuck, in just about every way I could think a person could be stuck.  I had dreams, goals and aspirations, and some of them were big and I wanted them with all my heart.  All life seemed to be able to offer me was stuck….depressed.  Lost.  At the very core of my depressed lostness, was good old me, playing a broken, worn out tape over and over again-remembering what so and so had done or said to me. That tape was like a mantra I soothed myself with, when things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to or thought they should.  If you read my last post, I wrote that I had “forgiven”, and “given my wounds to Jesus”.  I had done what a good church lady was supposed to do….the trouble was, I knew where I had put those wounds, and I kept going back to get them….Every time something negative happened, they were handy and I could just go back to what was familiar to me.  Ugh.

Like energy attracts like energy…good attracts more good, and bad snowballs into more bad….negative energy attracts negative energy.  If you are familiar with the bible, it says that we reap what we sow…..

Forgiveness.  Letting go.  Open spaces.  Heart places.  If you can forgive, you can let go.  If you let go, you make room for open spaces inside you, for the deepest desires of your heart to finally be satisfied.  We have to learn to do this, and it is not always easy. Most anything truly worthwhile usually isn’t… I think we humans are pre programmed to play the old familiar tapes.  Could it be that there is a place in us that feels safe in our captivity-safe in the stuck places we have always found ourselves?

It occurred to me the other day that the energy that is God is just incomprehensible.
  The actual vibration of it, is what created absolutely everything after all….when we choose to hold tight to our angry, bitter wounds, we really do create barriers between us and all that the Universe is.  When we choose forgiveness and letting go, then miracle inducing doors open for us.  It’s because we have made the space.

We default to what we know, and we remain where we are.  We give our wounded past wings, and we have a chance to become the fullness of the potential we were put on this earth for-you know, having the deepest desires of our hearts satisfied….how will you choose today?



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