You have to do it.

Not because of should or ought,

but because you absolutely need to.

A love soaked gift you give yourself.

Forgiveness is  for you.
The other guy is not the one who is really important here…

I think that many, many of us don’t know how.  We wonder why we should.  And what in the world???  Do you know what that person did to me??  Said to me???? Devastation because of someone else.  I get it-been there done that.

I grew up in church. We were supposed to be like Jesus and forgive. This is a good thing.  Being like Jesus is a very good thing. I was taught that forgiving and forgetting go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. Not so fast.  Maybe peanut butter and rancid eggs???  It is not possible to forget some of the heavy, heavy things that have been done and said to me.  Not possible at all. 

Ya still need to forgive. I still need to forgive. It’s essential.  We remember and we forgive.  I am not liking this.  So and so just doesn’t deserve it-do you have any idea????? Consider this-memories tend to loose lots of power in the Light of forgiveness and release....

Wounds sit inside us in layers.  They get peeled off a smelly pile at a time, like peeling a ripe banana or a tangy onion.  It stands to reason then, that forgiveness comes inside those layers….we release in as much as we understand ourselves at that particular time, we offer all that we are able to forgive, in that one layer and we Trust the rest to Someone way beyond just you and me.  We grow as human beings in the process of forgiveness.

Accept.  You have to accept what happened to you.  It’s part of forgiving.  Yes, even though I hate it, it really did happen.  Yes, this is what I became because of it.  Then, this is the thing I need to forgive, let go of.  You have to be specific. Own your wounds. They can’t heal until you do.  Take responsibility for yourself inside of what was done or said to you.

OK-fine.  You told me what I need to do, but you haven’t told me how….it’s pretty simple.  You let go.  You quit punishing yourself and the person who hurt you.  Most of us do this in our minds-over and over again. Guilty.  You release the hurt-you give it wings to fly away.  It’s gone. 

I found myself always wanting to have a place to put the pain, the wound.  I tried “giving it to Jesus”. Again, a very good thing, but my wounds kept finding me, over and over again. What in the world?  My intentions were sincere…I really desired to forgive-I wanted the release.  I realized that when I tried to put them somewhere-even with Jesus, it was so I could find them again.  Take them back, and play that old bitter tape over again. They aren’t meant to be retrieved.  Our wounds are meant to truly fly away-without destination.  Just gone.  This kind of release is more than just a thing you learn in church, it’s more than a religious exercise or a from- the- bible principle to follow. It’s a deeply, deeply spiritual thing.  It’s heavy inward work. It forms our souls.

When you forgive someone-truly give the wound wings to fly away, something magical happens inside you.  Space opens up in your heart. There is room for Goodness and bright, sweet Light.  Ya might feel just a wee bit free…Wow!  That sour- bitter thing is gone…

Come back and visit tomorrow…there is more to the story.  Open spaces and heart places…stay tuned.



10/19/2013 10:33pm

Lovely blog, thanks for posting.


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