Today is a miracle day.  I made a little sign that said so, and put it where I could see it. Where I could remember....

Miracles abound. Everyday. Our lives are meant to be immersed in the miraculous….this is the way of things. The natural order of the Universe.

Did you know that a miracle can be as simple as shift inside you….from fear to faith, from hate to love? A miracle happens every time your heart changes it’s mind- when you choose to forgive, and let bitterness and anger just go.

Define them. What is a miracle?  Does it mean the Red Sea always has to part, like it did for Moses?  No.   This is not to say these things don’t happen. These would be LARGE miracles….it depends on how big you believe.

Miracles. Where do I find them, and what do they look like?  Miracles are foreign to me-kind of like visitors from another planet….miracles don’t happen to me… Yes they do.  You just don’t see them….

Sweet small miracles are all around you, and they look like cleansing spring-fresh rain, and the whisper of the wind through a stand of fragrant fir trees….they are the love of a good man, and the trusting light in your child’s innocent eyes.  The long breath you just took….the bleeding heart that just came up out of the earth in my garden, after a long winter underground.

You are too busy looking at the hard stuff, the shitty stuff that makes you mad, and the injustice you see.  You have lost the capacity to see the miracles, maybe because life has made your soft edges hard…maybe because someone told you, when you were just a wee girl, that there was no such thing as miracles….and you believed them.

Here’s the thing, miracles are about believing and choosing.  In order to see a miracle, you need to choose to let yourself be open to goodness and Light.  The more you let go of the hard stuff-yes, the shitty stuff, the bigger and the brighter your miracles will be.  You need to understand what you can’t see is very real, and that there is a Source where all things good come from.  You must choose to believe.

So, hold fast to what is good. Believe with all your heart in what you can’t see, and trust that miracles are the natural way of things…keep your eyes open. Be on the watch. 

Choosing simply to believe might very well be your first of many, many miracles.



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