Each of us has a tale that must be told.

A story that’s meant to be shared.

This big world needs your story...

Your life is meant to help, and to heal,

It can’t do that, if it’s never told.

Paint a picture and tell your story.  Stand up on a box and speak-tell your tale. 

Craft a thousand words together-share where you have been.  Tell us. 

Are you kidding? Who would want to hear about me?  I am not much.  Just little me. 

You have let yourself be less, diminished your own glory-you know that don’t you?

Think about this…You, yes just you, are the shining light in heaven’s stars.

How about this…simple you is an alive reflection of the Great Creator’s glory…


Your life has purpose-it means something.

Your little story matters in the grand big scheme of things.

You were meant to let your full weight fall on this world. 

No apologies.

Tell your story.  Be your own magnificent self.

Don’t hide in shame, and don’t let glory pass you by.

I need to hear your story. How else am I to know that I am not the only one-that someone else is just a bit like me?  I need your story to help me weave my own tale-I need to hear about where you have been, I need you to help me.

Share the hard places-the spaces that seem to have no meaning or purpose, then they can become the beautiful spaces,  where Light and Grace shine brightest. They become those glory places.

Life is twisty.  It’s rather cunning and just a wee bit devious.  It takes us all places we’d rather not go.  No thank you. If I had the gift of seeing up ahead, I’d sometimes run like a wild thing that knows it’s too close to danger.

Our small stories have threads attached to them that in turn weave a big life tapestry. The tapestry that becomes the story of our lives.  Some of the threads are beautiful-shimmering, deep and rich in color.  Some not so much.  Drab-gray.  Moldy brown.  Still threads.  The black threads are for those moments that define us...

The black threads are something to behold-they are about those times when you stood. When you decided to do it differently.  When you put on courage and walked through the mountain, instead of trying to find a way around. When you chose to live and not exist, when you took risks and let Faith, Hope and Trust be your guide.  Glory moments.

Stand alone and the threads are not so much, but weave them all together, well then, we have a work of art, a thing of rare beauty.  Something that the world needs desperately to behold.

Tell your tale my friend, be beautiful and bold. 



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