Self love, eh?  Yes.  I said yesterday that coming into self love was an epic miracle.  It is.  Why?  Because there are so many faces to loving ourselves and so many, many reasons we don’t.  When how we feel about ourselves genuinely shifts inside us, it is huge. Epic.

Gosh, I don’t have all the answers – I am just a woman who has been on a journey to learn to know and love herself.  Yes, a journey.  And yes, you need to know yourself.

I had to start by getting to know a little someone who had been always living inside me, but very much ignored and who I quite purposefully rejected and neglected.  Her name is wee Jany.  She is my little girl and she is me.  Weird – I know.

Some people call this connecting with your inner child. Some call that child our authentic selves.  We all have one, an inner child – an authentic self.  We were all once young, carefree, innocent little girls.  Some of us are better than others at the connecting part.  Up until recently, I was really and truly bad at it.  My wee Jany was best forgotten, because she was the one who lived through all the really bad stuff-why in the world would I want to connect with that??

Life has a way of getting in the way of our authentic little selves.  Mere living is often an innocence killer and most of us are rarely carefree these days….so what is precious, and really the very best part of us, gets hidden deeply away and best forgotten about.

Call it what you will, if we are going to come into the miracle of loving ourselves, than ya gotta get to know your own wee girl.  She needs to come out of hiding and ya need to let her brightness and goodness shine.  The world needs your girl.  She was created for and was sent to this earth for a purpose….she is the very best of you.

The picture here is of my wee Jany girl.  I was about 3 in this photograph…all decked out in my Sunday best. I love the little purse and the saddle shoes…and I have come to so love and enjoy the rest of the package.  The beautiful little girl, who delighted in the works of her hands-she LOVED to make things, and play outside in the dirt, and have tea parties.  I still love to do those things....a little person who was sensitive, knowing,  and cared about others.

Do you have a photograph or picture in your mind of your own wee girl?  Pull it out and connect with her for a few minutes.  Say hello-maybe you need to ask her to forgive you for forgetting about her.  I did.  I had to ask for forgiveness...

Your special girl is essential to living a full and abundant life.  Hold her in your heart and mind today – start thinking about who she is, and what you love about her.  More on that tomorrow…..yes, self love is truly an epic miracle.


10/16/2013 12:56am

Good job


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