There is an incredible energy in each of us, the simple-deep power to know.

It comes from a place unexplained, unseen, and regrettably ignored by the many and the most.

It’s wisdom, it’s personal power and it’s even Divine beauty. It inhabits the world of the Unseen Real.

We each possess this power, in abundance.  It’s ours to know, and ours to be guided by as we travel on this earth.  It’s clear moments are sometimes fleeting, oftentimes heard in the still-quiet. A wisp of a whisper. Shatteringly powerful.  Heart Infusing.  Peace. Clarity-finally.

This inner place of knowing has been called a plethora of names-Spirit, The Holy Spirit, Inner Guidance, The GUT….  Seriously, were talking about the Unseen Real-I don’t think it can be named.  What were talking about is part of the heart of human mystery. It needs to be embraced, rather than defined.

Were afraid of it.  We’ve been brought up not to trust it. We hide from our own knowing (personally guilty).  I was born into a family were knowing stuff you can’t see smacked of just plain weird.  We don’t do that….unspoken but very clear rule. Rules are made to be broken…

Busy-we are just too damned busy to stop and listen to our insides. Cultivating this knowing, takes still time, and gentle patience.  It’s about getting to know who you really are, and knowing your own inner voice.  Shoving away the layers of protections and deceptions, and saying no to the distractions, so you can say yes to what’s Important.

Even my husband, who has a math chip hard wired into his brain, is discovering the quiet voice of his own inner wisdom. I feel like a proud mamma, not just a happy wife.  There is inner wisdom sitting inside you, waiting to be discovered…..really?  Yes.

Stop.  Be still.  Breathe.  Pray-ask gentle, inquisitive questions.  Wait. Be patient.  Wisdom and knowing will come.  They will greet you warmly, and you will just know.  My wisdom rises quickly like flickering golden sunshine in me.  I feel it’s heat in my body, especially my Gut.  Then it settles in my mind. Understanding has come.

This is not an overnight affair.  Knowing is about learning.  Cultivation, cultivation, cultivation.  It is a spiritual thing-a practice. 

Wisdom and understanding wait patiently for you.  Almost like a lover waiting for her love to come home.....hopeful.



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