I talk to myself.

One of the things I often say is “it’s ok”.

OK covers lots of little things-

Stubbing your big toe,

Loosing the keys,

Burning the chocolate chip cookies.

Ok is comforting…

In a meltdown…It will be ok.

When your kids leave home….It really will be ok.

When there are more bills than there is money at the end of the month….it WILL be OK.

OK is good for the big things too…

Like transitions and changes-through growing places.

Ever been in a season of growth – change - transition and wished just once you could see the end from the beginning?  Know how it was all going to look, so you could know what you needed to do-what decisions you needed to make?  You know, where the heck to put your foot next?

It’s ok to not know.  OK is about Faith. Trust and Hope.

I find myself  in a season of great change and tremendous soul liberating growth.  I love it!   Entirely Grateful.  While this is certainly much longed for and deeply cherished, it is at the same time completely unsettling. It’s like what’s been programmed inside me, to tell me how to live and be, is now shifting.  My tendency is to want to hang on to the old template.  Bad idea.  I want to grow and become.  What about safe?  I need to feel safe…..

It’s ok not to know.  I can not know and still feel safe. It’s ok to trust that the Universe does know the end from the beginning.  I can Listen and know where to put my foot next.  I don’t have to have all the steps just now.

We like to control.  I like to control.  Knowing the outcome makes us feel safe and causes us to be more willing to grow. I would offer that real growth is not knowing the outcome, and plunging ahead into the Great Unknown Mystery anyway.  Real growth says that I can Trust, I can practice Faith and Hope.

There are lots of things that I don’t know these days.  It’s OK!  My Inner Navigation System is telling me that all is well.  I am traveling in the right direction. I think I like not knowing.  This leaves the door open to truly embrace Mystery and let life be filled with unexpected pleasures.

What needs to be OK for you today?  Loving yourself is feeling good about embracing the unknown and trusting that all is well, even if the path in front of you seems long and foggy...



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