Here are some thoughts about joy…

Joy is light. It bubbles.

It is the result of gratitude.

Joy and gratitude are spiritual things-

There is a well spring of joy in each of us. Joy comes from an inner secret place.

We each have the capacity to be happy. This is different than joy and is more about what’s external. What happens around us.

We can be joyful and but not feel happy.  Joy transcends happiness.  It does not depend on circumstance.  It is part of our inner foundation, and can sustain us while we navigate the hard places.  We will not always find ourselves in happy circumstances, but we can know the sweet presence of Joy walking with us as we journey through our very human lives.

I am finally becoming a joyful woman. The capacity for joy has always been in me, because like any other human being, the life of God dwells in me, and thus my capacity for joy is boundless. I am learning to practice genuiine gratitude and embrace the place of joy within me.

Joy can surprise us-take our breath away. I love it when that happens.....

The people who are the most joyful are the ones who practice gratitude. They find things to be genuinely and authentically grateful for every day.  Gratitude changes us.

Joy comes not only as we practice gratitude, but faith and trust too.  We trust that we are loved, and taken care of.  It feels safe to be joyful.

You don’t have to be afraid of joy-bad things aren’t going to happen because you let your heart sing.

Look for joy in ordinary moments…let joy apprehend you as go about the business of daily living.

I wanted to capture joy and write about it-sound intelligent and knowing.  Then I realized it couldn’t be captured-it bubbles after all, and have you ever tried to catch a bubble?  It came to me that I didn’t really know much at all about joy.  That’s ok. I am going to enjoy my ignorance, and even be glad for it.   Joy is not meant to be defined, so much as it is meant to be practiced and deeply lived.  Felt and savored.

Experiencing joy is about being completely alive….



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