Stop. Just stop it. 

Take time to listen, make room to hear – with your heart.

Know yourself –find your deepest desires…care for your well being.

Feel stuck?  Stop.  It opens things up. Makes clear spaces.  Allows for inward shifting – change.

So stop it. 

What is sucking the soul out of your days…?  Stop it. 

Stop living out of other people’s expectations.

Stop eating sugar and pigging out on empty carbs. Eat your vegetables.

Stop eating processed food….period.

Stop saying yes to everyone. Cultivate no.

Stop zoning out in front of the tube, the computer screen or your iphone.  Start engaging with what’s not virtual.  Real. 

Stop pushing what you really need away….

Stop being what you think you should be.

Stop living by your to do list.

Stop putting yourself down.

Stop giving your power away.  We do this when we stay angry and resentful….

Stop giving your time away to people who don’t appreciate it.

Stop collecting stuff you really don’t need. Have a garage sale.  Mine is in May....

What do you need to stop?  Think about it, write it down. Do it.  See what happens….

Be blessed today-the sun is bright and the day is good:)



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