Here we are – at a place of new beginnings.  A new blog, and a new place to be able to give the goodness of words, thoughts and ideas to someone else.  A way to say thank you for the abundance of my life, and let that abundance become goodness that becomes rich blessing.

I have become a believer.  In miracles.  Both small and large.  This has come to me by trial and mostly error.  By finding myself always smacked down by big brick walls. By being what felt like eternally stuck.  I am stubborn, so yes, I picked myself up, dusted myself down, determined - and of course, got smacked down again.  Tired.  I’ve heard it said that you cannot do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.  Completely true. It took me such a long time to grasp this.  Things are different now.  It’s not up to me.  There is Someone who loves me, looks out for me, and will knock the walls down for me – if I let Him.  He is God, the Divine, the Universe, whatever you need to call Him-if He needs to be She for you, that’s ok too.  I am not here to judge your perception of God.  God is the Great I Am, and He (He works for me) is so much bigger than our human need to put what is Divine in a labeled cardboard box.  I Am is beyond words and labels….

Miracles can be as simple as a shift in the way we think.  One of the most profound shifts in my own thinking has come in the way I consider myself.  I have learned simply to love myself.  No, I am not going to write an epic version of my life story here – although there may be some sharing of personal tales here, once in a blue moon, in what I post.

Suffice it to say, life has not always been an easy thing to navigate.  I was very, very young when I learned to not love myself.  I was such a tiny, little girl, when someone else decided it was ok to hurt me-badly.  I am certain that if we shared stories, too many of us would find that we had the same kind of pain. Enough said.

Self love is an epic miracle.  If we cannot first love ourselves, how will we ever have the capacity to truly love someone else?  It’s difficult to give away what we don’t already possess.

In the posts ahead, I am going to write about what loving yourself looks like, and put some ideas out there that will help cultivate the art of self loving. This is as much for me as it is you….I am most certainly a work in progress.  A rose opening, and a caterpillar becoming.  So are you.

Women are not always good at loving themselves.  Life takes and it demands.  We give care and nurture to others, and not much is left for us.  This needs to change. We are after all Beloved….(a teaser-more on this later).  But you and I, we can learn to love ourselves-deeply.



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