I was going to title today's  post, "Summer Blooms"....rather misleading,  don't you think?  How about "Damp Spring Trying to Become Summer Blooms"?  Seems more descriptive of the weather of late.   Gosh, last year we were all lamenting over the Terrible Drought. It was terrible.  The cool rainy weather we are having now is challenging, but the water is still welcome. Balance.

The present chilly dampness is gold if you are dividing and transplanting perennials.  We've been doing Lots of That at Briarhill this spring. I tend to wait until rain is imminent, then head out with my shovel and fork and go to town.  I dig, divide and re-plant, and then Mother Earth takes care of the watering.  The plants respond beautifully, they hardly miss a beat, and there is generally no visible evidence of stress - it makes my gardener job much, much easier.

Yesterday found me in the irises.  They need to be divided regularly, or these seem to dwindle.  Some were planted in an area that is now deeper in the shade-not a happy spot if you want your iris to bloom.  Scott finished tilling the giant garden for me, so divided plant material is being rowed out, to grow and thrive until I have a garden spot available, or decide to give them away to a good and loving home:)  I got everything dug and transplanted before that lovely soaking rain came...needless to say, I find myself a bit stiff this morning....

Here are some more snaps of the blooms that are beginning to come in...be blessed!
No, not a bloom. Loki-the Garden Cat.  He likes to prowl the gardens-the end of his tail can often be seen, swaying between the hostas....


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