This is why I live in Wisconsin...mornings like this one.  It's perfect.  Bluest of blue sky, clean cool breeze, lush-green gardens.  Birds singing their tiny hearts out-it always seems like such a joyful song to me. I did my morning walk through the gardens, wrapped up in my ratty pink bathrobe (that's my usual garden strolling attire), and with camera in hand.  The iris are spectacular right now, so I thought I'd share a few snaps....captured some other beautiful blooms too-I'll save those for tomorrow.

We've been working hard to bring the gardens back to their full shining glory.  I could not do much gardening for a couple years, and then last year's drought was a killer - literally. The gardens have suffered and have been in need of some deep healing. This is completely satisfying sort of work.  Digging, dividing, moving, transplanting and watering. Manure. Beauty.  It's art.  I was born to do feels like me.

I'm working in my summer studio today (formally the back porch).  Art making and writing doesn't get much better. Windows and light abound.  The pond just outside the door is running-water is so soothing...peace.  Might just sit here all day and bask-probably not:)  I don't sit so well. Especially when I'm happy!

Be well blessed today!


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