I have been waiting to build my pond for almost 4 years now.  I've been patient.  There were the allergies to deal with-kind of put a damper on things-the messed up neck and shoulder were a sure style cramper...last year I was all set, then the drought hit. What we did in the garden was water things...all the time...that's really all we did. Didn't have to weed much, because the weeds didn't grow.  It was that dry.

So I'm all set this year to put my pond it.  Right underneath the big new windows in the living room. I want to be able to sit in my chair and hear the running water and see my koi fish swimming.....

My husband has told me for quite a while now that he Knows A Guy who will come and dig the hole-easy peasy and it's done.  He keeps forgetting to talk to said guy. He is Very Busy, yes, but I am tired of waiting for my pond.  I have decided to dig it myself. There is a strategy.....a method to my madness.  Dig a pond? Are you nuts?  Do you mean by hand?  Yes.  First of all, I enjoy dirty manual labor from time to time. It's good for the soul.  I like playing in the dirt, digging in the dirt and when you add water to it, well, the pleasure is greatly magnified..

So I have begun.  The deal was that I would fill up the wheel barrows, and Scott would dump them when he came home after work.  OK arrangement, except that it will take forever.  I have taken to filling the wheelbarrow half full and dumping it myself.....needless to say, my hole is growing slowly. My body is a bit on the sore side too.  Here's where the strategy comes in. My husband likes to jump in when he sees that I'm not doing something just right (which means the way he would do it), or that I might need help.  I am waiting for him to say, "here let me dig"..this has not happened yet.  He did mention that digging hole like this was really hard work-then he made a bit of a funny face.  Hmmm.  Will he cave or not?  Or better yet, will he remember to call the guy he knows with the backhoe?  I think the backhoe would be the thing.

We have had So Much Rain lately-my hole is already full of water.  Gives the ol' body time to recover from the digging....I've got some process photographs to share though...

Finally, this pond is being built on a budget.  All materials except the pump we either had or scavenged.  Part of the fun.  I'll be posting about the engineering side of things (Scott's thing-I do making it look nice).  Particularly our home made filter system.
My assistant Faithie-we built the planter on the left last Friday afternoon. She is one hard working kid. Faith is standing in what will be the main part of the pond.
Monday.  This is where I was before the rain stopped me. 
We've dumped two of these-full of rain- since Monday nite.
The corner where the stone and siding meet is where a short "waterfall" is going to go.  I have been informed that no rocks or dirt may rest against the new siding....OK.  The engineer has a plan to pump the water up to, into and out the rocks, without doing damage to the house.


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